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Advertising door series

Advertising door series of solutions

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  Advertising door series of solutions
  Pedestrian channel advertising door is divided into automatic and manual two ways to open the door, a new type of advertising carrier, the community with the pedestrian access door and the perfect combination of advertising, which is mainly used for residential pedestrian access, residential area, Channel, hotel aisle, etc. need to control the flow of people into and out of the place, because of its traditional iron door on how to add a unique advertising light boxes, the unique lighting effect between enterprises, not only to enhance the high-end port entrance image, but also for media advertising The dissemination of information provides a richer choice, increasing the community owners and property, advertising between the information bridge, is now and the future of residential property facilities the first choice.


  1, automatic gear reduction using the gear, can be anti-180 ° rotation, left and right open the door is not restricted '
  2, according to the scene to open the door, the scene free to adjust the magnetic lock position;
  3, automatic control system, the use of digital chip technology, with a motor deceleration stepless adjustment, fast walking slow stop, lighting and other functions to ensure that the door to maintain smooth operation, stable and good;
  4, the use of Hall deceleration double limit limit to ensure that any angle can be adjusted to use, in place to reduce the door to reduce the light touch the sound;
  5, fast walking slow stop function, running faster in the process, the switch door is about to be in place, immediately slow down to ensure a smooth door switch;
  6, manual type, the use of door closers to control the direction of the door, through the adjustment of the door closed valve, can play a smooth slow down the effect;
  7, the door body using cold-rolled plate mold forming, and the use of three anti-rust anti-static UV treatment process, the chassis in the outdoor environment can effectively extend the rust-proof time, longer life;
  8, light box panel with 6mm tempered glass, the structure of high hardness, glossy light to ensure that the long time under the light does not fade does not fade, does not affect the visual effects of advertising;
  9, built-in bright LED light bar, elegant room between the lights, making the advertising effect is more obvious, increase the richness of the product;
  10, regardless of automatic type, manual type, access control personnel access, can be used with access control system.

  Six advantages
  1, put the area: in the high-end residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, parking lot entrance, advertising through the column in the box advertising as a new advertising medium!
  2, high-end audience: to give up the homogenization of the competition, but also abandoned the 70% of the ordinary audience, it targeted in the city 30% of the cutting-edge consumer groups, but this part of the population has occupied 75% of the consumer market Purchasing power!
  3, mandatory communication: Barrier advertising installed in the property entrances and exits, is the people go through the land, in accordance with the reaction, when the open barrier to the owners and owners release, the audience will certainly pay attention to the front of the event space To determine the safe passage, so the bar gate advertising with the effect of mandatory communication.
  4, repeat advertising: the ad installed in the import and export of the property, the owner every time you have to see, a substantial increase in the exposure frequency, so that the audience has a deep impression on the advertising content, is bound to produce better in the audience psychological Brand awareness!
  5, low degree of interference: with television, newspapers, radio, outdoor advertising compared. There is no form of advertising media around the bar gate. In the area of this ad with the vacuum area, quiet, warm media environment, so that the owners of the advertising brand production is very strong memory!
  6, cost-effective: If you cover the designated area, the use of bargold advertising, just put a few entrances and exits to easily get! So the bargold advertising cost is all the media can not match!

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