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Cloud parking lot

Cloud parking lot solution

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  1. cloud car park profile
  Internet parking management platform and the car business version (referred to as the cloud car park) is a line of cloud management platform and offline parking system perfect integration of landing applications, is a user completely independent of the private cloud park management platform, The use of 3G / 4G network, the Internet, through real-time data transmission, remote monitoring, data aggregation and analysis, the property, real estate group or contractor under the jurisdiction of the parking lot to complete control and management, to achieve vehicle data cloud storage, Cloud management and financial data cloud statistics.
  The cloud yard provides managers with remote management services and comprehensive data and updates. At the same time for the owners to provide a convenient, accurate and reliable application of the parking lot service and WeChat parking function, the owner through the WeChat public number, can achieve the surrounding parking lot parking, mobile parking fees, parking spaces, parking, Reverse search and other functions.

   2. six major advantages
   ① enterprise private cloud, safe and worry-free
  Parking data stored in the management of their own server, without worrying about the owner of the information to be leaked the owner of the cost of real-time deposit into the management side of the collection account, no need to worry about the funds were intercepted cloud without any third party, all data privatization, no worries Third-party experience problems caused by operational risks
  ② multi-interface, fast access
  System interface is fully open, platform docking convenient
  Unified platform management of multiple parking lots, platform and parking equipment perfect docking
  ③ WeChat sweep code, fast payment
  Owners before the appearance of WeChat sweep code can easily pay
  Parking fee, recharge extension can be completed on the phone
  ④ WeChat sweep code, fast payment
  The management can detect the operating status of the parking lot in real time
  The number of parking lot for data analysis, financial statements intelligent analysis
  ⑤ discount discount, a variety of
  Merchants to the platform management to buy coupons, to the owners to issue parking tickets, concessions
  Including time deductions, the amount of concessions, parking discounts
  ⑥ order management, full-featured
  Management can order real-time monitoring, the owner can manage their own orders and vehicles in real time, so that managers and owners have evidence, the owner to find the nearby parking lot easy to set parking spaces, enter the parking lot can lock the vehicle, so that owners more assured parking

  3, the system function
  ① system management
  Parking permissions, administrator rights, permissions group permissions
  ② parking lot order management
  Order maintenance, entry and exit records, abnormal release records
  ③ monthly car rental management
  Monthly car rental information, recharge, vehicle, user, cancellation details
  ④ parking status
  Parking spaces for each parking lot, equipment status and so on
  ⑤ report management
  Remaining parking spaces, traffic flow, temporary car / month car rental, income analysis, financial reconciliation, payment information, etc.

  Mobile function

  Parking appointment, anti-theft lock car, parking navigation, WeChat payment, monthly car recharge, coupons

4, cloud car micro-mail simple payment process

5, cloud parking without worry, gold was left, the owner of information and payment information is leaked, third-party operating problems caused by operational risks.

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