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Electric retractable door

Electric retractable door solution

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  Electric retractable door solution
  We all know that things will be used for a long time there will certainly be such a problem, electric retractable door is the same, electric retractable door in the course of the use of the year will encounter a variety of problems  sometimes in the use of can not open / Off; only open (off) can not close (open); electric retractable door can not stop the occurrence of the wall and so on. Here we come to understand the reasons for these failures and solutions.


  Electric retractable door repair one. Can not open, off
  A. Check whether there is electricity, fuse, or not. If the fuse is broken, it must be checked.
  B. In the communication room unplug the underground cable plug with a multimeter Rx1 block measured motor red, white, yellow three leads are connected (yellow (red) and white resistance should be about 15 ohms yellow and red should be 30 ohms ), And then use the R × 10K file to measure whether there is a certain resistance to the other lines (mainly to check whether the line between the indirect short circuit). . Red, white and yellow are not available (resistance infinity) Re-test the red, white and yellow  in the tail box of the machine. If the switch is connected, it means that the red, white and yellow break in the underground cable are not connected. (See, for example, if the plugs are in contact with each other), and if they are not connected, the motor can be measured directly. If the head is connected to the head, Whether the stator coil is open.
  C. Retractable door motor leads are only red, yellow and white, respectively, and white, respectively, see the motor stator is hot. If hot and powerful  that motor thermal shutdown can not switch. (Luxury rail door only red, yellow, because the electronic soft The starter has a thyristor on the white line. If the thyristor is open for a few seconds, it will start.) If it is not hot, check whether the start capacitor of 20UF is dead.
  D. The motor is good or can not switch and then measure the blue, green, gray three lines of the signal line is short-circuited  because the door in place automatically stop through the limit sensor K1, K2 induction if K1, K2 two sensors at the same time short- In the door in the open door is limited to the gate closed the door can not switch the switch. E. Motor line, signal line is good or can not switch Note that the control box is faulty. Why not first change the control box?GAI 我永远不会翻车 If there is a short circuit  may just change the good will burn out. So we have to check every part no other fault hidden after  can replace.

  Electric retractable door repair two. Retractable door can be closed (open) can not open (off) can off (open) can not open (off)
  (Yellow) color and white line is connected, and then measure the blue and gray (green) color signal line and K2 (K1) sensor switch is short circuit. The inspection method can refer to the "Can not switch".

  Electric retractable door repair three. Retractable door can switch but can not stop function switch
  Description of the motor line red, white, yellow three lines no problem, the signal line is no short circuit. The main reason is that the limit signal is not sent to the controller or the controller limit function is bad. Can not automatically shut down:
a. Limit sensors K1, K2 open simultaneously (limit sensor is a magnetic field closed  no magnetic field off);
b. The public line is blue .c. The controller is bad; use the same inspection method as above.

  Electric retractable door repair four, bar brake running in the process of trembling
  Running in the trembling is mainly due to the length of the brake lever (weight) and the spring tension is not proportional to. If the bar will not tremble, from the lever will tremble, indicating that the tension is too tight pull, loose spring tension can be; on the pole will not be under the pole to tremble, is the lack of spring tension, to tighten the tension or replace the pull To deal with.

  Electric retractable door repair five, the door often appears to automatically reverse (rebound) phenomenon
  On the door automatically back off the infrared anti-interference ability is poor or on the sensor generated by the malfunction. Generally take the code or replace the PCB board to solve ,can also be infrared output relay to push the transistor in the bead indirect a 47uf electrolytic capacitor to filter the outside interference. Now use the general-purpose circuit sub-A, B version  circuit has been done in the signal channel processing no longer code ,but the door to A, B version of the supporting use.

  The above is the introduction of the five major electric retractable door failure, a detailed analysis of the electric retractable door failure causes and solutions, but know the method and the reason is one thing, the actual hands-on maintenance is another matter, no maintenance Experience or must not do their own to repair, we must ask the professional maintenance of the master to operate, so that only a small problem, the more engage in worse, kindly help.
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