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Gate station equipment system management solution

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 Gate station equipment system management solution

  1. The need and function of post construction
  With the rapid development of economy and society, the massive flow of foreign population, the intensification of social dynamics, the unfair distribution of the gap between rich and poor, the impact of social stability and harmonious construction of the crime, gang crime, cross-regional crime was high , A certain area of social stability, economic development and the people of the music industry feel different degrees of influence.
  It is more and more important to play a role in preventing, controlling, combating crime and preventing serious accidents in the construction of road guard posts that fulfill important responsibilities in the construction of social security prevention and control system. Check, block, control the function is increasingly apparent.
  The state to effectively solve the current social and ideological problems, to further enhance the combat performance, to ensure that the autumn and winter battle against the "two robbery robbery" crime work to achieve results, according to the vice mayor, the city party secretary, the Secretary on the city's security posts to do To the "people want to, light to light, then pass" requirements, and further standardize the security guard post police work mechanism to improve the security guard in the prevention and control of the role of crime, the inspector detachment decided to carry out a quarter of the city security guard Month special inspector activities.
  And held many times the city road security guard post construction management work conference, the full deployment of the city's security guard post construction work, increase the security of the grassroots base construction, clearly asked the police station "to guard the guard into a system of prevention and control system, In the highlights, built an important symbol of fortification area.


  2. Materials and production processes
  Materials and production processes
  (1) charges post kiosk column, using 304 # stainless steel sanding plate, folded into a fan-shaped column, the original degree of 1.5mm, so that the strength of the podium charge can play a protective role.
  (2) charge booth pavilion with 304 # 1.2 thick sanding board finishes, interior 12% high-quality fire decorative panels, white surface, so designed to make the tene feel clean and generous.
  (3) within the wall with polystyrene foam board, insulation, insulation, noise, fire, moisture, this board strength, there is sufficient support role.
  (4) window with stainless steel sliding window, glass all 5 PCT tempered glass, four sides with a tape seal, never leaking, sound insulation is good.
  (5) ceiling ceiling with high-quality fire decorative panels, all activities can be moved around to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the line.
  (6) Gate circuit in strict accordance with JT / T422-2000 standard design, configuration: leakage protection and air switch.
  (7) charges post booth at the top of the table with LED display card, about 100W spotlights each.
  (8) The table is made of stainless steel table, the table with a ballot box, drawer, cash box, cash box for the portable, take away, can be put back, easy to install, drawer with 3 wallet and 1 Bills empty, box loaded on the left side of the side, when the ticket can be pulled out, convenient and fast.
  (9) Hall booth floor with GB6650-86 standard anti-static activities of the floor.
  (10) Inside the booth is equipped with exhaust fan, the installation of the camera required bracket.
  (11) at the top of the booth with a ring, easy lifting.
  (12) Ambient temperature: ± 40 ℃ - 80 ℃, humidity 10% - 90%.
  (13) The height of the table in the booth is 800mm.

  3. Post installation steps
  (1) base inspection slot
  When digging to the design elevation, please build units, design units, supervision units inspection and acceptance, approved by the multi-party immediately after the concrete pouring concrete cushion.
  (2) earth excavation
  Earth excavation using mechanical excavation to the design elevation above 200mm height, using artificial trimming at the end.
When digging to the design elevation after the foundation pit should be brazing and found that the soft soil layer should be cleared to the soil layer of overtaking part of the application of twenty-eight ash tundish rammed back to the design elevation.
  (3) Construction arrangements
  The first step of the construction base, the second step construction of the beam, do not meet the requirements of the bearing capacity of the foundation after excavation and then stone slag powder filling treatment, for the depth of 600mm, for filling Width of each side + 200mm, for the fill after the foundation of the carrying capacity of the standard value of the requirements to reach 180kpa.
  (4) steel processing
  1) before the use of steel, must be witnessed on-site sampling, and sent to the testing center after passing, before use. Reinforcement processing is equipped with two sets of steel processing machinery.
  2) steel before cutting, must be strictly in accordance with the design drawings, construction specifications to prepare steel ingredients single, and sent to the project department audit. When the steel is expected, the length of the loss of the steel should be taken into account.
  3) reinforced in the field of concentrated ingredients, the main arrangements in the field processing molding, steel by type listed, classified stacking. Stirrups by size, size classification stacked neatly.
  (5) Reinforcement connection
  1) frame column, frame beam, foundation steel connection vertical use of electroslag pressure welding, the level of the use of lap. But the location of the steel joints should meet the construction specifications.
  2) In the case of electroslag welding, the welded joints provided in the same member are offset from each other. In the section of any joint center to 35 times the length of the reinforcement and not less than 500mm, the same reinforcement shall not have two joints ; The cross-sectional area of the jointed steel bars shall not exceed 50% of the total area and the compression zone shall not be restricted. The same steel bar in the same section can not have two joints. Vertical rebar joints from the floor of the distance should meet the design requirements.
  The fifth step is particularly important for demanding installation of security booths.
  (6) template works
  Template engineering is an important part of concrete structure engineering. The stencil and its brackets must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability, and can reliably withstand the weight and side pressure of the rebar and concrete and the construction load to ensure the correctness of the geometric dimensions and the mutual position of the engineering structure and components. So the template construction is extremely important, but also the key to the construction.

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