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License plate recognition trend, "real name system" so that owners are more at ease

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 With the popularity of intelligent, parking system ushered in a new development opportunities, and has become an indispensable parking lot of equipment, it not only for the owners to bring a comfortable parking environment, but also to the parking lot management More convenient, lower cost. But most of the current parking lot using the traditional way of ID card, that is, access to the parking lot of the vehicle through the card to check the card to open the gate brake. Seemingly simple to take a card to open the gate action, but it gives people a lot of trouble to stop, and now the license plate to change the management of the parking lot to protect the safety of the vehicle parked.

 License plate recognition is a popular technology in the past two years. Combining with various techniques such as pattern recognition, image processing and license plate recognition, it can be used to judge and identify identity of vehicles. As a new technology, For the parking lot entrance management provides a series of intelligent applications, leading the parking system into the unrivaled era, so that people really reflect the intelligent parking lot to bring the convenient parking mode.

 According to incomplete statistics, the number of license plate recognition in China's parking lot has occupied most of the market, which includes some residential, commercial plaza, public institutions, hospitals, schools and other places, we can see that the use of license plate recognition management of the parking system has Throughout the various areas of our lives, always ensure that people's parking safety.

 Through the license plate recognition system, this vehicle "real name system" management, effectively ensure that the owner of the vehicle parking safety, and according to the needs of the parking lot, continue to add new management modules and system platform docking to meet the needs of parking management.

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