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What is the good license plate recognition system?金鹰女神礼服

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 In the field of cars, parking this market segment is always considered to be trillion, especially the first-tier cities, parking and housing as basic, just need. According to the China Urban Intelligent Parking Index report shows that China's northern Canton Shenzhen four super city average parking berth gap rate of 76.3%, each city has at least 200 million vehicles without normal parking spaces can be stopped. There is no doubt that the parking industry is a big cake.

 To solve any one thing before, we have to find some of its problems, or pain points. The parking problem actually comes down to a lot of problems, mainly involving parking participants including parking drivers, including parking managers. We summed up every person who might drive in the real world will encounter such a few keywords.
 The first parking was miserable; motor vehicle ownership was originally a symbol of economic development, but to the parking area has brought trouble. This is a static traffic in the field of urban disease problems, reduce the quality of urban life is a major factor.

 Second, the traffic congestion; lack of parking often bring serious traffic congestion, which not only to the parking lot management has brought serious difficulties, but also to social security and social stability to bring hidden dangers;

 In view of these characteristics, the state put forward to stepping up the proposal to build intelligent transportation, and better guide the public travel; domestic well-known car park manufacturers have also put forward a variety of parking management is conducive to the solution; such as parking guidance system, Guidance system, license plate recognition system, cloud parking, ETC electronic toll collection system, three-dimensional garage and other program measures. Which license plate recognition system is the basis for the realization of the system, the license plate is the world's only identification of vehicle identification, only a quick and accurate identification of the license plate, is the other parking lot management to achieve the premise.
 Then choose a good license plate recognition system has become the first task to solve the parking lot management problems

 Technically evaluate a license plate recognition system, there are three indicators, namely, recognition rate, recognition speed and background management system. Of course, the premise is the system to be able to stable and reliable operation.

 First, the recognition rate

 A license plate recognition system is practical, the most important indicator is the recognition rate. International traffic technology has made a special recognition rate indicators, the requirements are 24 hours all-day card the correct recognition rate of 85% -95%. Accurate license plate recognition system in the practical application has reached the correct recognition rate of 99.7% or more.

 In order to test the recognition rate of a license plate recognition system, it is necessary to install the system in a practical application environment, run 24 hours a day or more, collect at least 1,000 vehicles when the vehicle traffic license to identify, and the need to vehicle license image and identification The results are stored in order to retrieve the view. Then, it is necessary to obtain the actual vehicle image and the correct manual recognition result. After which you can count the following recognition rate:

 1, the natural traffic flow recognition rate = the total number of correct identification of the total number of vehicles actually passed

 2, the percentage of vehicle license can be identified = the total number of vehicle license plates correctly read / the total number of vehicles actually passed

 3, can identify the correct recognition rate of the whole card = the total number of license plate to identify the total number of licenses / manually read the total number of license plates

 These three indicators determine the recognition rate of the license plate recognition system, such as credibility, error rate and so are the plate recognition process in the middle of the results.

 Second, identify the speed

 The recognition speed determines whether a license plate recognition system can meet the requirements of real-time application. A system with a high recognition rate, if it takes a few seconds or even minutes to identify the results, then the system will have no practical meaning because it can not meet the real-time requirements of practical applications. For example, one of the roles of license plate recognition in highway toll collection is to reduce transit time, which is a significant reduction in transit time in this type of application and avoid strong traffic congestion.

 International traffic technology to identify the speed is less than 1 second, the sooner the better. Keli De's license plate recognition system in the practical application to identify the speed of an average of 0.3 seconds.
Third, the background management system

 A license plate recognition system background management system, determines whether the license plate recognition system is easy to use. It must be clearly recognized that it is impossible to achieve a recognition rate of 100% because the license plate is defaced, blurred, blocked, or the weather may be so bad (snow, hail, fog, etc.). The functionality of the back office management system should include:

 1, the identification of the results and the reliable storage of vehicle image data, when the multi-functional system operation makes the network error can protect the image data will not be lost, while easy after the manual investigation; when the network failure, the Corlee license plate recognition system Run offline, does not affect the normal traffic;

 2, effective automatic matching and query technology, the license plate number to be identified with the database tens of thousands of license plate number automatically match and prompt alarm, if the license plate number is not properly read when you want to use fuzzy query Technology can be compared to the "best" comparison results:

 3, a good license plate recognition system for network operation, but also need to provide real-time communication, network security, remote maintenance, dynamic data exchange, database automatic update, hardware parameter settings, system fault diagnosis.

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