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What is the license plate recognition?梁振英座驾与2车相撞

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 Alipay recently more and more fire, and Shanghai Hongqiao parking lot has been achieved without cash parking, the user out of the parking lot, do not need to stop, do not need to dig cash, or even do not need to dig the phone, the car opened in the past, The camera in the identification of the license plate, will automatically from the owner of the payment of treasure to deduct the parking fee. The whole process, the user to achieve "no sense of payment", and the vehicle through the time will be 80% less than the original.

 We have not eat these people in the magic of the shared cycle of cycling, came a new concept of magic - "no sense of payment"!

 Learn the car can be happy, and I heard Alipay recently promoted parking lot without payment will let you forget the driving test subjects two?警方回应成都大学党委书记疑失联 Because there are a lot of parking lot to take the card point or payment is located on the half slope, access to the bayonet when you need to stop after the start, this is not the second time the second half of the subjects started it?唐艺昕产后身材 Alipay in the parking lot launched a non-inductive payment to achieve a non-stop payment, to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of vehicle access, but also reduce the driving risk.

 "This kind of non-sense to pay the experience, behind the principle is actually 'empty pay' ', Alipay travel business executives said," At that time we said,' empty pay 'is that you can scan any thing, such as a pet , And then bind Alipay, set the amount of the ceiling, and then you can not come up with the phone, with the pet to complete the payment in the parking lot, the user is actually their own license plate and Alipay do a binding, and then through the intelligent device image recognition Technology to identify the license plate, thus completing the charge. "

 Parking lot to achieve the most benefits of non-inductive payment is time-saving, from the user's point of view, into the parking without card without payment, leave the deduction, faster access to the parking lot; and for the parking lot operators Words, to ease the import and export congestion pressure, to a certain extent, but also streamlining the staff, reduce labor costs.

 This kind of no sense of payment, security and security?小松鼠恃宠而骄带同伙吃霸王餐

 Alipay side said that after the technical estimates, due to license plate recognition lead to deductible money is far less than one hundred thousandth of the probability. If the error is wrong, the user will be paid in full. In addition, a license plate, can only bind an Alipay. If the user binds their own Alipay account, others can not bind. And for the deck car to the real license plate owners deduction of the probability of the lower, first of all, each license plate can only be an Alipay account binding, even if the deck car before the real owner to pay the treasure binding, then he High-profile smart parking lot, is undoubtedly exposed their specific whereabouts, simply is suicidal.

 According to reports, in order to achieve no sense of payment, Alipay need joint fee management system for intelligent transformation: high-speed barrier and license plate recognition system. And Alipay to access docking; and Alipay's "air pay" is brought about by the efficiency of the upgrade. According to estimates, the first attempt to stop the parking lot "no sense of payment" of the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, T1 and T2 two terminals daily traffic close to 30,000 times, if it is no sense of payment, each vehicle departure time from 10 seconds to less than 2 Second, the overall efficiency of the parking lot will increase several times. According to Hongqiao Airport, said the current T2 terminal lanes have all achieved "no sense of payment", T1 terminal can be launched this month on the line.

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