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License plate recognition system to promote intelligent city construction

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 In recent years, the development of smart city led to the rise of the security industry, intelligent license plate recognition system to become the market's most front-end, the most trendy intelligent products, with the increasing popularity of intelligent, smart license plate recognition system in all areas of the use of the more To the higher, has become an important part of the parking lot, while intelligent license plate recognition system is also the wisdom of the city building wave plays an important role.

 Parking system has been able to play in the wisdom of the city's own role, occupy an important position, can not do without its support of advanced technology, especially the past two years, intelligent license plate recognition system in the parking lot to use, effectively improve the parking The efficiency of the entry and exit vehicles, so that people feel the smart parking equipment to the convenience of people to stop, while the integration of WeChat and other social media tools, owners can get real-time parking dynamics, so that parking more time.

 Intelligent license plate recognition system in the intelligent traffic in the development trend, in recent years has become the industry consensus. Although some of the high-end concept has been constantly put forward, but the relevant application innovation has not reached a certain height, the function of the device is not perfect and intelligent, product homogeneity serious, but compared to the traditional parking system still has a certain Functional advantages, so in the promotion of security industry development has played a very important role.

 Intelligent license plate recognition system has become a smart traffic can not be missing part of the security industry to become an important direction of development, and the Internet cloud platform intelligent license plate recognition system in full swing, compared to intelligent license plate recognition system and the combination of wisdom city, will Promote the pace of intelligent city construction.

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