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How to judge a license plate recognition system is good?福建古雷半岛海域将进行实弹射击

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 The license plate recognition system is based on image segmentation and image recognition theory, and analyzes the image of the vehicle license plate to determine the position of the license plate in the image and further extract and recognize the text characters. China's license plate recognition system development started relatively late, but the development is relatively fast, now has a fast as the representative of a series of independent research and development capabilities and intellectual property license plate recognition brand enterprises. Compared to the traditional parking lot something is very obvious:

 1. Free access to the card, fast access license plate recognition system for a license plate for the certificate, whether it is a temporary car or a fixed car, only the license plate can be out of the parking lot, remove the card to take cards and other complicated procedures. When the vehicle into and out of the lane, the system automatically identify the license plate, automatic lift lever, the vehicle without parking, to achieve rapid access. If you use the fast license plate recognition system, you can also achieve 0.1 seconds ultra-speed identification, allowing you to experience the convenience of technology.

 2. Exemption from card management The traditional parking system uses ID or IC card, the management of the card is part of the management of the parking lot, the management staff not only need to issue cards, authorization, but also to deal with the loss of temporary cards, etc., need constant Supplementary cards are more cumbersome. The security license plate recognition system does not need these management work, effort and convenience. And the license plate recognition also eliminates the trouble of the owner carrying the card.

 3. Eliminate the charges loopholes to protect the safety of the car credit card parking system will be deliberately damaged, discarded, for card and other loopholes, these loopholes reduce the parking lot of the district, but also can not guarantee the safety of vehicles. License plate recognition system has access to the picture, storage license plate records, to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the record.

 How to judge a license plate recognition system is good?冰血暴

 First, the recognition rate should be high, especially at night, the recognition rate should be more than 99.7%!

 Second, under extreme conditions to identify stability, Keli De in this regard is a great advantage.

 Third, the software interface is simple and clear, easy to upgrade, such as new energy license plate, a simple upgrade can be identified.

 Fourth, the function is strong, whether to support full offline, semi-offline, universal voice, LED display information is rich, whether to support cloud parking.

 Fifth, because it is outdoors, to consider whether the body material is thick, paint how to make sure to use long-term stability!
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