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A Brief Analysis of the Development of Domestic License Plate Recognition Technology

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 At present, the domestic parking lot system development is quite fast, not only because of the development of science and technology, as well as with the car users of the crowd plus, urban parking difficult to increase the problem, there are parking lot parking system are generally affected by everyone Of love, especially those first-tier cities. In order to bid farewell to the problem of parking, many domestic parking industry companies are vigorously developing the parking business, along with the universal use of intelligent license plate recognition system, the user parking only 1 minute.

 License plate recognition technology is an important part of modern intelligent transportation system, its application is very extensive. It is based on computer vision processing, digital image processing, pattern recognition and other technologies, based on the camera camera images or video images processing analysis, get each car's license plate number, to complete the identification process.
In the case of

  License plate recognition is widely used in highway vehicle management, electronic charging (ETC) system, but also the combination of DSRC technology to identify the main means of vehicle identity. In the parking lot management, the license plate recognition technology is also the main means to identify the vehicle identity. In the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to build the "parking garage (field) vehicle image and plate information collection and transmission system technical requirements", the license plate recognition technology has become the main means of vehicle identification.

 Currently used in the parking lot management system in the parking lot management system there are three main modes: video recognition mode, to sense the coil recognition mode, video + sense of recognition mode.

 First, the video recognition mode

 Video trigger advantage is not installed to sense the coil, the project is small. When the vehicle enters into the video recognition area, the camera automatically identifies the license plate information through the vehicle's dynamic image, while providing analog trigger identification. The disadvantage is that for unlicensed cars can not output images, easy to leak. If you do not recognize the license plate results, you can manually click on the simulation trigger to identify.

 Second, the sense of coil recognition mode

 In the general situation, in the parking lot gate about 10 meters before the location, will have a deceleration zone, the vehicle deceleration with the deceleration zone, to identify the license plate to leave the time, the vehicle into the identification area, trigger the sense of the coil, Automatically command the camera to capture, through the character detection, identify the license plate, barrier off. To sense the coil to trigger the license plate recognition advantage is high trigger rate, not easy to leak, and the performance of practical and stable, for the unlicensed car can output image records. The disadvantage is the need to install the installation of a sense of large amount of work.

 Third, the video + sense of recognition mode

 This is the first two models of the upgraded version of the video plus sense of recognition mode is identified by video recognition, through the sense of the way to trigger the upload. Compared to the sense of coil recognition and video recognition mode, the video + sense recognition mode can provide faster recognition speed and higher recognition rate. Video + feel flexible switch recognition mode, is the application of the best flexibility to identify the model, through the software to identify the identification area and output area, according to the customer site environment, free to set the location of the license plate output, you can solve the car with the identification, Or premature output problems. When the unlicensed vehicle travels to the output area, it is easy to record unlicensed car information.

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