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License plate recognition application to open the wisdom of travel

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 The future with the development of China's urbanization speed, traffic pressure will be more severe, so intelligent traffic management will be the future direction of traffic development. The bayonet system with license plate recognition and video analysis technology is an important part of the urban intelligent traffic management system. It is an intelligent transportation system for real-time monitoring of motor vehicles traveling on the road. It is necessary to alleviate the traffic management pressure, especially the static traffic A very important role. But also as the 21st century urban traffic information highway construction of the core issues, to a large extent to promote the rapid development of intelligent transportation.

 In intelligent traffic applications, in addition to extracting vehicle traffic and other information, how to easily confirm the identity of the vehicle is also very important. Among the many vehicle identification methods, license plate recognition is widely recognized by the industry for its outstanding performance in the application.
 License plate recognition machine application scenario:

 - Automatic release

 Enter the designated license information into the system. The license plate recognition system automatically reads the vehicle's license and inquires the internal database. For the need for automatic release of the vehicle system to drive electronic doors or railings let it through, for other vehicle systems will give a warning, by the duty staff. Can be used for special units (such as military management area, confidential units, key protection units, etc.), road and bridge charges bayonet, senior residential area.

 - Calculate vehicle travel time

 In the traffic management system, the average travel time of a vehicle in a road can be used as a parameter to judge the road congestion condition. Install the license plate recognition machine at the beginning and end of the road, read all through the vehicle and the license number back to the traffic command center, the command center management system based on these results can calculate the average travel time of the vehicle.

 As one of the important core technologies in the intelligent traffic management system, license plate recognition will serve as a daylight for opening intelligent traffic and serve the parking lot and the major parking toll stations. So that people's parking life more convenient and orderly.
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