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License plate recognition

License plate recognition system solution

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  License plate recognition system solution

  With the growth of China's per capita car ownership, intelligent license plate recognition system applications more and more widely, license plate recognition technology has also been an unprecedented development. In the management of modern parking lot, involving all aspects of management, in which the management of vehicles is an important aspect. Especially for the special parking lot, border, scenic, commercial complex, government agencies, residential and industrial parks, the requirements of a variety of vehicles in real-time strict management of its access time for strict monitoring, and the Class vehicles are registered (including internal and external vehicles) and identification. On the large-scale field, a variety of access to the vehicle more, such as each car must be manual judgments, both time-consuming, but also not conducive to management and query, to defend the work more difficult and inefficient. In order to improve this kind of management system with modern parking lot, border, scenic area, commercial complex, government agency, district and industrial park, it is necessary to realize the automation and intelligentization of vehicle management as soon as possible and to use computer network In the form of management, all the import and export vehicles for effective and accurate monitoring and management. Requiring the system to provide the appropriate application software to achieve the management of the camp area of high efficiency, intelligent.

  For example, the Company in May 2017 Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Course (the world's largest golf course) parking lot of the specific requirements and the actual situation, follow the practical, safe, advanced, economical, reliable, scalable principles to design. The golf course outside a total of 18 vehicle access channel, the import and export channels were installed on a set of high-definition identification machine, VIP credit card box 5, a set of import and export barrier, the system of five computers, a computer management center.

  Through the network cable and fiber to the property management computer computer connection, can achieve data sharing, mutual management and remote maintenance. Fixed vehicle owners can directly access, and the computer will automatically the owner of the information, vehicle images, license plate capture and save, the entrance vehicle images, license plate and export vehicle images, license plate and owner data for comparison, can effectively prevent car theft The occurrence of the incident.

  1.1 The advantages of license plate recognition
   "License plate recognition" is undoubtedly the highest degree of intelligence, the use of the most convenient parking management technology.
  1) For fixed car management, "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:
  * Completely solve the "card management", the situation of a multi-car;
  * Completely solve the "card management", the card did not carry the situation;
  * Completely solve the "card management", the card lost to bring the card, make up the card work;
  * Completely solve the "card management", the card installed in the location of the communication work;
  * Other problems from the card ~ ~
  2) the temporary vehicle management, the "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:
   * Completely solve the "card management", the charge of the phenomenon of money;
  * Completely free of charge from the work of artificial card issuance, just responsible for money - even with the entrance card machine, but also often need someone to help in the "entrance card machine" and "temporary car" between the transfer of "temporary card ", Often deviated from the" save the initial purpose of human resources. " Because the temporary car parking distance is often far away from the card machine, which is afraid of people hit the card issuer and the subordinate subroach of the normal reflection;
  * Completely solve the "card management", some temporary vehicles out of the parking lot, the management of the loss of temporary cards and parking fees;
  * Completely solve the individual fixed car in the admission when the malicious take away the temporary card, resulting in the temporary loss of temporary card situation;
  * Other problems from the card?47岁保洁大姐自学跳霹雳舞

  2.1 system architecture and components
   The parking fee system has the function of charging the temporary vehicles and managing the long-term users.
  * Import and export display control one machine, broadcast voice and display vehicle access information, parking time and payment information.
  * Daozha used to physically block the vehicle, control the vehicle access.
  * Sense for the detection of vehicles, to achieve "a car a card" function.
  * Anti-smashing sense for the detection of vehicles, to achieve barrier anti-smashing function.
  * Management center for managing and storing picture records.
  Import and export display control machine and computer between the use of RS485 communication, in the protection of data transmission speed and security on the basis of a great convenience to the equipment installation wiring, while the components are modular design, a device changes Will not affect the normal operation of other equipment.
  Parking fee management system in the main use of TCP / IP network structure, post office computer to the management center computer, high-definition identification machine to the post computer. Convenient.

 Standard one into one Extension map

 Running effect map

  3.1 System functions and features
   The use of high-definition network identification camera, to enhance the license plate recognition width and depth. Can be more clearly identified to the high-definition license plate.
  Its main features are as follows:
  * Can be identified offline fixed license plate, send open gate instructions, fixed license plate storage capacity of 6000.
  * Identify the system to reduce the dependence on the environment to a minimum, can achieve all-weather license plate recognition accuracy rate of more than 99%.
  * Using TCP / IP network HD recognition camera, camera image clarity, license plate recognition more accurate.
  * Based on the LPR identification system to improve the recognition speed and accuracy.
  * The smallest number that can be recognized is 70 pixels
  * High recognition rate (> 98%) is guaranteed when accommodating high speed and high flow rates at 150 km / h and 30 lbit / l.
  * To achieve the video image by frame processing, video stream trigger, do not have to find a sense of coil, to avoid damage to the road.
  * Project installation is simple, stable operation, does not interfere with the user has been the Department.
  * Needless sense and vehicle detector, cost savings and construction is simple and fast, greatly shorten the construction time.
  * Has a very high processing capacity, the vehicle during the process of all the images are identified and processed, independent of a single picture, effectively improve the equipment to adapt to complex environments.
  * Software using professional high-definition license plate recognition software architecture. User-friendly operation and encryption security!

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