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Parking guidance system

Parking guidance system solution

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  The parking guidance system is an indication system capable of guiding the vehicle into the destination vehicle. The general situation refers to the parking lot to guide the vehicle into the empty parking spaces intelligent parking guidance system, by the intelligent computer system to detect the parking spaces, through the display shows empty parking information, the driver through the information to achieve easy parking.

  The parking guidance system is mainly used for effective guidance and management of parking vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. The system can be realized by the parking operator convenient parking and parking, and the parking spaces to monitor the parking lot parking management more standardized and orderly to improve the utilization of parking spaces; parking spaces in the parking lot using ultrasonic testing technology, the occupation of each parking space Free condition for reliable detection. An ultrasonic probe is installed above each parking space to detect whether the vehicle is parked in the parking space. The management system collects all the detection information in real time into the system. The system realizes the guidance information to each guidance indicator signal through the computer in real time.

  Principle diagram
  The principle is the first use of vehicle detectors to obtain real-time access to occupancy information. The central controller according to the pre-defined parking strategy for the display and guide card corresponding display, the user just follow the instructions can be successfully parked into the parking spaces.

  The parking guidance system is divided into several modules: parking data detection module, central processing module, information release module, information display module. The core of this technology lies in parking detection and logical judgment;

  Parking detection can be divided into: ultrasonic detection, infrared detection, to sense coil detection. In the case of
Logical judgment: the realization of the program, because each car is different, traffic direction is different, the number of entrances and so there are differences, so each parking lot parking guidance system is a specific custom system, so the Module becomes the core competency of the system.

  By detecting the parking status of the parking spaces inside the parking lot, the parking status information is uploaded to the data converter through the manager, and then the data converter is aggregated to the guidance monitoring system to analyze and process the parking status data, and in the guide information screen LED) released empty parking information, guide the driver quickly find parking spaces, to achieve easy parking.

  system structure
  The system consists of three parts:  
  1, the first part is the data acquisition system: it consists of vehicle detectors and controllers. In the case of
  2, the second part is the central processing system: its function to capture the data analysis, and in the corresponding output device to display. In the case of
  3, the third part is the output display system: it consists of display and guide card composition. Working principle Through the parking detectors, the parking lot of the parking space data collected in real time, the system parking spaces on the parking lot to collect information, and in accordance with certain rules through the data transmission network to send the information to the central processing system, the central processing system for information After the analysis and processing, the relevant processing data through the output device, to the parking lot of the signs, guide cards and other information to guide the vehicle into the relevant parking spaces. For the relevant parking information, the system provides data query interface.

  Guide the process

  Ultrasonic detectors and ground detectors Patrol parking spaces in real time, upload parking status information Data converter upload parking information to the guidance of the monitoring system through the logic of the parking state to judge, from the large area to the local area of the initial guide through the highlight LED red / Green parking spaces lead to empty spaces.

  System functions
  Guide parking spaces easy, fast parking, save time and reduce fuel consumption
  the use of the parking lot to do statistics, a reasonable allocation of resources, increase the operating efficiency of the parking lot
to enhance the management level of parking, improve the image of property management
  reduce the cost of human resources management of property management
  Easy parking service
  accurate daily, monthly and annual parking data statistical analysis   

  System innovation

  Automatically sets the initial height of the detector to the ground
  Using the combination of hardware and software on the actual number of parking spaces to be amended, the actual parking conditions more accurate.
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