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Sidewalk system

Pedestrian access gate solution

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  Factory attendance channel gates choose what appropriate
  Large enterprise factory staff, security and attendance can not rely solely on personnel to manage. Then it must use some channel gates to subsidize the management, three roller gates, wing gates, swing gate obviously become a mandatory list.
  Three roller gates lower cost, anti-tail function with the best, low prices, the budget is not high business a good choice.
  Pendants are generally used for residential areas, the factory can also use, generally can not pass larger vehicles, such as motorcycles.
  Swing gate can pass the vehicle, the channel can be widened, good anti-collision function, is the factory a variety of ways to pass the inevitable choice.
  More than three kinds of access points can achieve attendance management needs, access to similar, customers can purchase according to actual needs.

  Brief introduction of application scheme of swing gate
  Community is the place where people live, the environment needs to be quiet, safe, security facilities must be perfect. In view of the diversity of residential population, there are various ways to enter and leave. Innovation leads to the swing gate intelligent channel solution.
  Community pedestrian channel features: personnel complicated, there are vehicles, such as bicycles, baby carriages, wheelchairs and so on.
  According to the traffic characteristics, the wing gate and the three roller gates are not suitable as the channel management gate of the cell, and the swing gate can be qualified. Innovative intelligent swing gate has many advantages: the use of advanced industry brushless motor, the latest technology, stainless steel materials in line with national standards. Gates have anti-collision, anti-folder, can be two-way traffic, automatic alarm system and other functions. Using ARM technology, you can expand the function.

  Community installation swing gate intelligent channel system has many advantages:
  1, can prevent strangers from random access to the district, greatly reducing the residential security risks.
  2, personnel out of statistics, to facilitate business management, reduce management costs.
  3, gates fashion appearance and advanced features to enhance the life of the district taste, virtually enhance the image of interest.

  Park area intelligent channel gate solution
  Park area intelligent channel gate automatic ticket collection system is a computer network technology, modern communication technology, database technology and automatic control technology as one of the high-tech modern management information system. The system to the computer as the core, with the network as the support to the automatic channel gates as the terminal, the ticket, the ticket inspection process of the implementation of electronic, automated, network-based integrated computer management. For example, the number of people in the field can be set in advance, the number of real-time control, to prevent the flow of people within the area is too large, resulting in security risks, import and export real-time calculation of the number of changes.

  Characteristics of Intelligent Channel Gates in Park Scenic Spots
   1. Real real-time online ticketing and automatic ticket checking work mode, to ensure accurate and reliable data to achieve the management of all-electronic;
  2. One person and one vote, etc. The way visitors get the order of management and control.
  3. Centralized management, real-time monitoring, distributed control.
  4. To establish a complete ticket management electronic system, to achieve real-time computer ticketing, ticket, summary, statistics, inquiries, reports, monitoring and other ticketing work in all-round management.
  5. Thoroughly because of counterfeit fake tickets, overdue tickets brought huge economic losses
  6. Eliminate manual management and statistics, so that the data more accurate, timely, so that work efficiency has been greatly improved.
  7. Eliminate financial statistics errors and eliminate staff fraud.
  8. Improve the management level and grade of tourist attractions, improve the quality of service; provide timely and accurate traffic data in order to make informed decisions.
  9. Park area intelligent channel gate system function brief introduction   

  First, to achieve computer ticketing

  To achieve the scenic window ticket sales, the card for processing; ticket easy to operate, the steps are simple.
  Extensible visitors to self-purchase tickets, online booking / ticket; late expansion of the ticket to achieve online distribution platform, as well as the reimbursement of tickets.

  Second, to achieve automatic ticket
  To achieve the entrance automatic ticket, invalid refused through the channel, the success of automatic release, no ticket to identify the authenticity of tickets.
  1. ordinary ticket verification
  Ordinary ticket visitors directly to the entrance gate gates on the brush ticket bar code / two-dimensional code admission, the screen prompts the relevant ticket information, if the ticket can not pass the gate, then the screen will prompt the reason can not pass, and to the ticket office Ticket audit.
  2. Team ticket verification
  Team ticket visitors to support the ticket pass, one vote one person model, each visitor ticket ticket / two-dimensional code in the ticket gate on the brush votes into the park.
  3. Bank Card Verification (Extended Application)
  Visitors and travel agents with UnionPay cards can be directly credit card fee admission.
  4. Year card / month card verification
  Year card / month card and other user verification to solve the secondary admission and annual ticket problem, to solve this problem using membership card, or the use of second-generation ID card identification.
  5. Online booking verification (extended application)
  Verify the pass can be directly brush the phone to verify the two-dimensional code or ticket ID card.

  Third, the realization of computer statistical inquiries
  To achieve various types of statistical inquiries, according to the ticket sales statistics query, according to the salesman statistics query, according to the sales site for statistical inquiries, can query any time into the scenic area of the number of visitors can query the current number of ticket sales and visitors The number of non-doors.
  All the data generated by the ticket collection system is unified to the central server, and the management system can query, analyze and compare the business data of the ticket sales system in various forms and styles.

  Fourth, the system authority management
  Operator rights management: set by the staff category management authority, the operator with the account password login.
  Password reset: For the operator to forget the password, the system administrator to reset their password.
  1 votes are managed as follows:
  1) times card, group card, year / month card and other options
  2) Expiry date (year, month, day)
  3) You can set the ticket type of ticket window
  4) can be set card / ticket allowed to enter the scenic spots, attractions.

   Five, special circumstances
   Peak contingency plan
  The system must have good scalability, can be temporarily set up ticket and check the terminal, and to ensure that the temporary additional ticket and check the terminal and the system effective connection and operation, for the peak and other special circumstances should be set up contingency plans to ensure that gate check and Statistical work is working properly.

  Six, the principle of ticket
   Visitors to the ticket before the ticket gate, the ticket bar code / two-dimensional code part of the corresponding area in the gates to verify the gate to determine the legitimacy of tickets.
  If the law, the brake display will show "please" and other related information, voice playback "welcome" and other related voice information, visitors can put into the push, while the ticket records uploaded to the central server.
  If the ticket is illegal, the brake display "invalid ticket", while the voice playback "invalid ticket" and other relevant information, the staff will prevent visitors from entering, has been tested by the ticket can not be verified again.

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